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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

ITmedia Inc. recognizes that personal information it utilizes in its Internet media business is an important asset of the individual and, as such, the company has established the following basic policy relating to the handling of personal information.

1.When collecting personal information, the company shall state, where possible, the aim of collecting the information, and collect said information accordingly, with the collected information only being used for the originally-stated purpose and not for any other purpose.

2.The company shall abide by all laws and ordinances and other rules relating to the handling of personal information when collecting personal information.

3.The company has the required and appropriate safety measures in place to prevent and rectify any trouble occurring from the unauthorized access of, loss, destruction or damage to, and falsification and leakage of personal information.

4.The company has established a contact point within the company to appropriately handle inquiries relating to the handling and disclosure of personal information, and any complaints and queries.

5.The company shall make appropriate amendments, when it deems it necessary to do so due to changes in the environment surrounding the company, to its personal information protection management system.

Toshiki Otsuki, President and CEO, ITmedia Inc.

Date of enactment: October 1, 2005
Latest date of amendment: September 28, 2015

About the PrivacyMark System

ITmedia Inc. has been granted the right to display “PrivacyMark” by JIPDEC.
*For further information on the PrivacyMark System, please refer to the following link.

Handling Personal Information

1.Company name, affiliation, title and contact information of staff member in charge of personal information protection management

Administration Division Director, Personal Information Protection Manager, ITmedia Inc.
Inquiries relating to personal information should be made to the following: Click(Japanese only)

2.Utilization of personal information

Personal information received by the company in the course of its business activities shall be used within the scope of the following utilization purposes.

(1)Utilization purpose of disclosed personal information

Types of personal information Utilization purpose
Member information, subscriber information, survey responses Please refer to the link on the right. Specific utilization purposes of personal information(Japanese only)
Business partner information For general communication with, invoicing and other paperwork relating to each transaction
Inquiry information For communication with each party making an inquiry
Job applicant information For applicant screening and communication
Employee information For HR management, etc. (some of this work may be outsourced to a third-party)

(2)Utilization purpose of personal information acquired by a means other than directly written paperwork

1) The person shall be notified of the utilization purpose when acquiring such information. Furthermore, the person shall be notified each time this information is acquired in the future.
2) For personal information collected by the company on behalf of another business, said information can only be used in the execution of the contracted duties.

3.Disclosure of personal information, complaints and queries

Inquiries and complaints relating to the handling, disclosure and so forth of personal information by the company, should be sent to the company using the appropriate online form shown below. Please note that the company is unable to handle direct visits for this purpose.

Contact points for each service provided by the company -> Click(Japanese only)
Unsure as to which contact point is appropriate -> Click(Japanese only)
*As a rule, no fee is charged for dealing with inquiries.

4.The provision of personal information to a third-party

The company shall not provide personal information to a third-party without the prior approval of the person. Personal information shall only be provided to a third-party if the person is provided with the details of the entity to which the information will be provided and the content of the information to be provided is specified and approval from the person accordingly obtained. However, personal information can be provided to a third-party, without the prior approval of the person, in the following cases:

(1)In accordance with laws and ordinances;

(2)If the information is necessary to save a life or in order to the protect a person or assets, and it is difficult to get the prior approval of the person;

(3)If the information is necessary to improve public health or to facilitate the sound growth of children, and it is difficult to get the prior approval of the person;

(4)If cooperation is required for a national government body, or a local public agency, or an entity commissioned by such a body, to perform certain duties in accordance with laws and ordinances, and acquiring the prior approval of the person is deemed to have a detrimental effect on the execution of said duties of any of these bodies.

5.Outsourcing personal information

The company can outsource part or all of its duties relating to the handling of personal information.

6.Discretionary provision of personal information

If approval to provide personal information is not received, then the company may not be able to provide part, if not all, of the services it can provide.


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